Pokemon Scalpers Storm Van Gogh Museum for Pikachu Promo Card

The Van Gogh Museum's 50th anniversary celebration plunges into chaos.

What was meant to be a celebration of the Van Gogh Museum’s 50th anniversary turned into absolute chaos as scalpers stormed it to try and get their hands on a unique promo card featuring Pikachu with a felt hat. The promo card is given to attendants who purchase merchandise at the museum, including a statue, a plush, a tote bag, and other memorabilia.

Social media soon witnessed a chaotic sight like none other as videos depicting hundreds of people fighting over the coveted Pikachu with a Felt Hat cards were shown across multiple websites. This is due to the supposed scarcity of the items in question, which makes them attractive to scalpers.

Fortunately, the item isn’t as scarce as some of the scalpers might want to believe. If you weren’t able to attend the exhibition, which runs until January 7, you will be able to get the promo card and the rest of the items by purchasing them from the Van Gogh collection via theΒ Pokemon Center. As such, you can get your hands on the Pikachu with a Felt Hat without being stomped. The Pokemon Center website lists the card as a foil, while the one at the Van Gogh exhibit is a non-foil card. It still remains to be seen if that is a website error or if there are two different versions of the coveted card.

This hasn’t stopped the scalpers, however, as the listings for the Pikachu with a Felt Hat and other items from the Exhibition have begun to make the rounds across sites like Ebay with prices exceeding $100 USD.

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