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Pokemon Pillow Lets You Nap on Gengar’s Tongue

by Morgan Shaver

A Gengar pillow has garnered quite a bit of attention online recently thanks to its unique design which lets you unroll a long tongue out of Gengar’s mouth to be used as a blanket, among other things. The opportunities after that are endless. 

You can sleep on the tongue, stick your head into Gengar’s cavernous open mouth and have yourself a good afternoon cry, or you can wrap yourself in the tongue like a human sushi roll. Like we said, the opportunities are endless. 

Pokemon Pillow Lets You Nap on Gengar’s Tongue

The internet has fallen in love with a Gengar pillow from P-Bandai and The Pokemon Company. Not only can you rest your head on Gengar’s soft, cozy body, you can roll out Gengar’s tongue and stick your head inside its mouth and just… meditate in there for a while.

The marketing for the Gengar pillow shows the numerous ways the pillow can be used and makes a compelling case when it comes to whether or not you should buy the pillow. Based on the pictures, you absolutely should, the pillow looks cozy as heck.

We certainly want one. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to the Gengar pillow. Namely, its price which is set at almost 26,000 Yen ($250 USD) and the fact that the pillow sold out almost immediately after it was made available for purchase. 

In the future, we imagine the Gengar pillow will be restocked at some point, giving you another chance at getting your hands on one. Until then, looking at the photos of the Gengar pillow is more than enough to give you some warm fuzzies. The pillow is absolutely majestic. 

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