Niantic is already teasing its next featured Pokemon Go Community day pokemon. The image, which can be seen below shows off some bird-like footprints. Leading many fans to believe Fletchling will be the next Community Day Pokemon for March 2021.

Pokemon Go Teasing Fletchling For Pokemon Go Community Day March

The tweet also states that this Pokemon is from the Kalos regions, giving even further indication it is in fact Fletchling.

This is great news because that means players will have an increased chance of finding a shiny Fletchling in the wild and eventually getting a beautiful shiny Talonflame. 

Since it will be the Community Day Pokemon this also means it will get an exclusive move. What move could that be? Well, we’re not entirely sure, but hopefully, it’s something useful! Since Fletchling is a normal/flying type it could be something basic, but hopefully, it is a move totally out of left-field like Solarbeam or maybe Brave Bird.

Either way, this is just a tease and an official announcement of Fletchling should be coming soon. We’re excited to see more details and we will keep you posted. 

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