Pokemon Go is offering a limited time Research Event featuring Sneasel starting on January 30 from 8 am to 10 pm your local time.

Pokémon Go Offering Limited-Time Research Event For Sneasel & Ho-Oh

Each time you complete an event-exclusive Field Research task, you’ll encounter a Sneasel! You even have to chance to encounter a shiny Sneasel if you’re lucky!

Be sure to mark your calendars if you’ve been looking to either catch a Sneasel for the first time or simply are trying to evolve one you already own.

That’s not all though, on Tuesday, January 26 to Sunday, February 7, you can complete a Team GO rocket-themed Timed Research line that will lead to an event encounter with a Ho-Oh that knows Earthquake. 

This is an exclusive move to this event Ho-Oh that you absolutely will not want to miss. This is excellent news for fans of Pokemon Go looking to expand their arsenal of Pokemon. That Ho-Oh with Earthquake is nothing to shake a tail-feather at! 

Pokemon Go is constantly having updates and new events for players. If you haven’t jumped into the game yet now is a good time! 

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