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Pokemon Go Fix – Stop the Game From Crashing

by Bryan Dawson

A lot of people have been frustrated with Pokemon Go due to the fact that the game crashed frequently and the servers seemed to go down often. Now a fix is available to help alleviate many of these issues as the game continues to evolve. If you’ve been having issues and have potentially put the game down, read on to find out how things have been corrected.

Stay tuned to Prima Games as we offer updates on the latest tips and patch notes for Pokemon Go. In the meantime, be sure to check out how to find PokeStops and other points of interest on Google Maps, and how to conserve your battery life for those all night Pokemon Go sessions!

An update for the game went live yesterday (with another one supposedly coming later today) that addresses many of the issues players have been having. According to iOS and Google Play, the update addresses the following issues:

  • Trainers do not to have to enter their username and password repeatedly after a force log out.
  • Added stability to Pokémon Trainer Club account log-in process.
  • Resolved issues causing crashes.
  • Fixed Google account scope.

Logging in should be much smoother now, and you no longer have to login when the game crashes. With the adjustments to fix the game continuously crashing, in the rare instances it does crash, you will be able to get back to your Pokemon Trainer much faster.

Another issue with the app was a concern over a potential security risk with Pokemon Go having considerable access to your Google account. That has also been corrected so you won’t have to worry about being a potential security risk while playing Pokemon Go.

The new update, which may hit some areas of the world as early as this afternoon, will address a few more issues with the Pokemon Trainer Club login. It’s a fairly hefty size, rumored to be over 100MB on iOS, so there may be additional adjustments that we’re unaware of.

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