With MewTwo Strikes Back Evolution coming soon to theaters everywhere, the film remake is inspiring Pokemon trainer hopefuls once more. To celebrate the coming movie, the team over at Niantic are paying their own homage to this particular character with Armored MewTwo raids coming soon to Pokemon GO

Armored MewTwo officially invades Pokemon GO beginning on July 10th at 1 PM PDT and will be available until July 31st at the same time. He will be donning the familiar armored look from the movie remake while offering Pokemon GO players a new five-star raid experience. 

For those that like to don their trainers with the latest and greatest in shop items, the Style Shop will also be adding new exclusive MewTwo-inspired items for players to purchase in an effort to bring even more style to the popular mobile AR game from Niantic. 

As for the movie itself, MewTwo Strikes Back Evolution is slated for a July 11th Japan release with a Western arrival coming on November 17th. 

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