The Pokémon Company Made a Real Gen 1 Bike

You can enter to win the bike if you live in Japan.

As reported by outlets like IGN, The Pokémon Company officially replicated the bike from the Gen 1 Pokémon games and the final product looks absolutely amazing. The bike is real, rideable, plays the Bicycle Theme that’s played in the Gen 1 Pokémon games, and can be won in a giveaway. 

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You can’t purchase this bike and, unfortunately, only residents of Japan are eligible to win. As inaccessible as the giveaway is for many Pokémon fans across the globe, it’s still pretty darn impressive to see the bicycle replicated in real life like this. 

The Pokémon Company Made a Real Gen 1 Bike

The bicycle players can ride around in the Gen 1 Pokémon games has been lovingly recreated in real life by The Pokémon Company. As for why, the bicycle was made to celebrate the Poke Times Twitter account reaching one million followers

The first question many have after hearing about the real life Gen 1 bike is whether or not you can buy it. The answer to this question may disappoint you as the real life Gen 1 Pokémon bicycle can only be acquired through a giveaway run by the Poké Times Twitter account. 

You’ll need to be a resident of Japan, following the Poke Times Twitter account, and you’ll also need to use the hashtag “#ポケモンの100万円じてんしゃ” in a tweet. No Bike Voucher required for this one. 

The bicycle not only replicates the one in the Gen 1 Pokémon games, it also plays the Bicycle Theme and features subtle Pokémon accents, mostly on the tires.

The person who wins the bicycle will likely want to swap out the tires for replaceable ones if they plan to actually ride the bike to avoid wearing down those cute Poké Ball treads.

Given the rarity of the bicycle, we imagine the winner will likely want to keep it as a display piece rather than use it as a functional bicycle though.

Speaking of functional Pokémon bicycles, we’re also really curious to see whether The Pokémon Company will ever create more replica Pokémon bicycles and whether they’ll ever be available for retail sale. Is there a market for Pokémon bicycles? Only time will tell.

Until then, if you’re interested in entering the giveaway to potentially win this cute as heck Gen 1 Pokémon bicycle, you’ll need to be a resident of Japan. For Japan residents, be sure to follow the Poke Times Twitter account and tweet out using the “#ポケモンの100万円じてんしゃ” hashtag for a chance to win.

After looking at the Gen 1 Pokémon bicycle, what are your thoughts? Do you think it looks cute, or is the design a little odd to see in real life? Are you a Japanese resident planning to enter the giveaway? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter!

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