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PlayStation YouTube Leaks Nioh 2 Release Date Period

by Nicholas Barth

Nioh was one of the more popular games amongst video game players when it was released in 2017 thanks to its entertaining gameplay and exciting story. The success of Nioh led to plenty of players being curious as to when a sequel would be coming out for the title. These interested individuals finally got their first look at a release date period for Nioh 2 when the official PlayStation YouTube uploaded a Nioh 2 trailer for the 2019 Tokyo Game Show. 

According to a report by Polygon, the PlayStation YouTube account uploaded a Nioh 2 trailer that was intended for the 2019 Tokyo Game Show. However, PlayStation went on to remove the trailer from its YouTube page in what was likely a premature upload of the footage. However, YouTuber Boss Fight Database was able to grab the footage and upload it to allow all of the world to see. 

It is at the end of this trailer that an early 2020 release date period is revealed for Nioh 2. 

With a sequel to the popular game having been highly anticipated for some time, there are plenty of players who are currently very excited to see that Nioh 2 will arrive on a release date sometime in early 2020. 

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