PlayStation Store Update Tonight, Network Maintenance Tomorrow

Download your games so you have something to play while the service is down.

It’s time for another round of PlayStation Network maintenance.

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Sony just announced that the network will be down tomorrow starting at 9:30AM PDT and continuing until 4:00 PM PDT.  According to the company, the “PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will not be available during the maintenance period…you will be able to access online play and apps provided that you have signed in to the Network at some point between now and the time of the maintenance.”  Yes, The Last of Us multiplayer can continue.

However, there’s some good news with this.  Sony also confirmed that the weekly update for PlayStation Network will arrive today instead of tomorrow, which means you’ll be able to play digital releases like Deadpool and Hotline: Miami a few hours early.  No time was given for the update, but keep watching the PlayStation blog to see when it happens.


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