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PlayStation Stands By Decision to Boycott Facebook, Instagram

by Prima Games Staff

In early July, a handful of corporations began a boycott against Facebook and Instagram over the way they handle hate speech on their platforms. One notable company was Sony, including their PlayStation brand, which has not been seen on either platform since July 1st. Over a month later, it would appear that PlayStation is standing by that decision.

Considering the timing, with the PlayStation 5 being revealed last month, and the PlayStation brand having 38 million likes on Facebook and 26 million followers on Instagram, it is interesting to see them sticking to their decision. There’s no denying that having those two platforms included in the advertising for the next generation of hardware would be a huge help in terms of sales, but it might not be as big of a problem as it would seem. After all, PlayStation may be remaining silent on the two social media sites, but that isn’t stopping everyone else from talking about the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation even claimed that they would return to Facebook and Instagram at the beginning of August, but after a week into the new month, they’ve remained silent. Perhaps they are not seeing as big of repercussions as one might think? Maybe they are truly committed to the cause? In any instance, the PlayStation 5 is still on track to launch later this year, and having a large presence on social media would possibly result in more sales. 

It’s unknown where PlayStation stands as of right now concerning Facebook and Instagram, but as we approach the arrival of the next generation of hardware, it will be interesting to see what comes of the situation. They might even be realizing that staying off of the platforms isn’t so bad. After all, the recent State of Play showcase as well as the Spider-Man PS4 exclusivity for Marvel’s Avengers are surely drawing enough attention to the brand. Once they announce the release date, price, and pre-order information about the PS5, they might even have enough eyes on them to carry them to launch this holiday season without talking about it on Facebook or Instagram. Only time will tell.

PlayStation 5 is set to arrive this holiday season, even if you don’t hear about it from Sony on Facebook or Instagram. To keep up with what is happening for the next generation of hardware, be sure to check out our game hub.

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