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PlayStation Quietly Removes Its Best Perk for PS5 Owners

Goodnight sweet prince.

by Jesse Vitelli

This morning on the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that it would remove the PlayStation Plus Collection from its offerings of perks to PlayStation 5 owners. The service offered PlayStation 5 owners a collection of games that were included with their PlayStation Plus Subscription.

PlayStation Quietly Removes its Best Perk for PS5 Owners

This news comes from the PlayStation Blog announcement for February’s PS Plus games, which includes Evil Dead: The Game, Olli Olli World, Destiny 2 Beyond Light, and Mafia Definitive Edition.

At the bottom of the blog, a single paragraph states,

“We also wanted to provide an update on the PlayStation Plus Collection that has been offered as a benefit to PlayStation Plus members on PS5 since 2020. On May 9 the PlayStation Plus Collection will no longer be offered. If you haven’t redeemed the titles in this collection yet, you can still do so until May 9, which will enable you to access those titles even after this date for as long as you remain a PlayStation Plus member.”

So, if you’ve used the service to play games like FFXV Royal Edition, Mortal Kombat 10, or Fallout 4, you only have until May 9 to add these games to your collection before the program is sunsetted.

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The collection includes roughly 20 games that were available to download for PlayStation 5 users subscribed to PlayStation Plus. It was initially an additional selling point to getting a PS5 as it offered players a way to play some PlayStation games they might have missed during the PlayStation 4 era.

There was no reason given for the sudden shutdown of the service, and many players assumed the service would grow as time went on, not shut down quietly. If you haven’t picked up a PlayStation 5 and want to play these games without purchasing them separately, you only have a few months left to do so.

This shutdown is another reminder that as publishers move into more service-oriented models, they can be taken away immediately. So be sure to enjoy it while you can.

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