You STILL think that PlayStation Plus, Sony's premiere program for PlayStation 3 (and soon, PlayStation Vita) doesn't offer any rewards.  I mean, never mind the free library of games you get already, and the special access to betas.  Okay, how about some more deals then?

This week, Sony announced its latest round of goodies that PlayStation Plus subscribers get access to, and it's a lot.

First off, members get access to an exclusive free one-hour trial of the new release Medal of Honor: Warfighter, letting them get a taste of the game before possibly picking it up as a digital release.  (It's available for retail as well.)

In addition, players who jump on a digital purchase of next week's upcoming Need For Speed: Most Wanted from Electronic Arts will be able to snag it for ten percent off, only paying $53.99.  Not a bad deal, really.

On top of that, other discounts are being offered, thanks to Sega.  You can get Wonder Boy In Monster Land for 80 percent off, buying it for just a buck – a buck!  And the two Hell Yeah! Expansions, Pimp My Rabbit and Virtual Rabbit Missions, are also discounted for 20 percent off apiece.

These deals are only good for this week, so, really, jump on them when you can!