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PlayStation Plus July 2019 Free Games Have Changed For The Better

by Liana Ruppert

July is officially here which means new games for PlayStation Plus members to enjoy. July’s PlayStation Plus games are completely free for players to add to their library, as per usual, but Sony decided to make a quick change just one day into the month. Judging off of the reactions that players had when the original line-up was first revealed, this move was a smart one.

The original lineup included PES 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo but Sony decided to do a little switcharooski (for the better) but taking out PES 2019 and instead replacing it with Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition. This means you’re actually getting more bang for your free buck because the Deluxe Edition comes with Heavy Rain as well, another popular Quantic Dream game. 

If that list looks a little short compared to previous months, it’s because Sony has previously discontinued PS3 and Vita offerings in the subscription. Still, PlayStation 4 players continue to have chances to grow their libraries each month with rotating titles. The best part is that they are yours to keep as long as the PlayStation Plus membership remains active. 

For more about Detroit: Become Human now that it’s available instead of PES: 

“Detroit: Become Human is set in Detroit City during the year 2038 after the city has been revitalized by the invention and introduction of Androids into everyday life. But when Androids start behaving as if they are alive, events begin to spin out of control.

“As the player, you will embody several characters, amongst which Kara, Connor, and Markus. As Kara, you will witness your brave new world turn to chaos as you take on the role of a female service android trying to find her own place in a turbulent social landscape. Whilst you shape the branching narrative as Connor, an Android Cop employed by the human police force to seek out deviant Android such as Markus, a leader of the android group seeking freedom for his people, you will be making choices that will not only determine your own fate, but that of the entire city and possibly beyond.”

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