PlayStation Plus December Lineup Includes Godfall, Mortal Shell & Lego DC Supervillains

The free PlayStation Plus games for the month of December.

Another new month means more PlayStation Plus monthly games. This month’s lineup for December, 2021 can be found below.

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PlayStation Plus December Lineup Includes Godfall, Mortal Shell & Lego DC Supervillains

Godfall, that game that launched alongside the PlayStation 5 to middling reviews recently released a version for the PlayStation 4, and now you can get it for free if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. For the price of free, it’s hard to argue not at least giving it a shot. 

Mortal Shell, developed by Cold Symmetry, is a souls-like game with a unique twist. You inhabit different Shells with unique characteristics and abilities, changing your gameplay style. It’s a short but sweet experience for anyone looking to scratch that itch before Elden Ring rolls around next year. 

As for Lego DC Supervillains, you’ll be able to play as all of your favorite DC villains in Lego form. The Justice League has disappeared, and it’s up to the villains to protect the world while they are gone. Explore an open-world DC universe and get up to weird Lego shenanigans. 

If you have a PlayStation VR headset you’ll also be able to download these three games

  • The Persistence
  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
  • Until You fall 

These games will be available for download starting on Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

What do you think of the new games available for PlayStation Plus this month? Be sure to let us know on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages, or leave a comment down below. 


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