PlayStation Confirms New Data Breach in the US

The data of nearly 6,800 people got compromised

Recently, the gaming industry was hit with the news that Sony faced a security breach. This happened after the company was allegedly hacked, and its data was held for ransom by a cyber extortion group. Now, Sony has confirmed that the cybersecurity issue has indeed happened and that the intrusion happened after an unauthorized party exploited a zero-day vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer platform.

In the document detailing the notice of the Data Breach, Sony talked about how this issue happened. “On June 2, 2023, [we] discovered the unauthorized downloads, immediately took the platform offline, and remediated the vulnerability. An investigation was then launched with assistance from external cybersecurity experts. We also notified law enforcement.”

Sony said the incident was limited to the MOVEit platform, and no other systems were affected. However, this breach resulted in the data of 6,791 people in the United States to be compromised. Sony has already notified the holders of this data, which are current and former employees and their family members, about the cybersecurity breach that exposed this information.

As for the data breach from last month? We still haven’t heard much from Sony regarding this except for the fact that it’s currently under investigation. Sony Interactive Entertainment has increased the monitoring of its systems and is taking other steps to reduce the chances of this type of breach from occurring again in the future.

While you may not directly be affected by the breach, it’s worth changing your passwords and removing any payment options from your account for the time being.

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