With the season of excessive chocolate ovoid consumption well on its way we thought we’d treat you to a free guide to the Easter eggs of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Alden’s Tower

Alden’s Tower is a gigantic skyscraper in Empire City, a vertical junkyard of trash, scrap metal, and hodge-podge construction. It is metallic and severe in appearance, but as the end of the match nears, the influence of Sly Cooper increases. The clouds are colorful and cartoony, and Inspector Carmelita Fox flies by on her helicopter. The cold, unfeeling metal of Alden’s Tower has a strange relationship with Sly Cooper’s animated antics.

Black Rock Stadium

The All-Stars aren’t the only combatants in Black Rock Stadium! While the All-Stars fight it out in the foreground, the Twisted Metal tournament continues in the background. Keep an eye out for a few familiar vehicles, combatants, and icons on the giant display screens, like Sweet Tooth and Axel!


Columbia is your first chance to see what BioShock Infinite looks like in action! While there aren’t any major spoilers for that game in this stage, there are a few nice hints and teases. The red ribbons represent the rebellion, for example. Pay close attention to the background, as well, for glimpses at the world of Columbia and BioShock Infinite.


The cast of PaRappa the Rapper all still live in PaRappaTown! Keep an eye out for characters like Instructor Mooselini, who drives her yellow car by the Dojo on occasion, or Prince Fleaswallow. You can spot Prince Fleaswallow inside the Flea Market.


Dreamscape is a faithful recreation of the incredibly customizable LittleBigPlanet style. The menu that commands the stage is PopIt, the same menu that helps players create beautiful stages in LittleBigPlanet. All of the objects in the foreground are available in LittleBigPlanet, too, from the decals to the seesaw. Can you recreate Dreamscape in LittleBigPlanet itself?


Captain Qwark is hero to trillions, at least theoretically. He’s actually something of a fame-hungry coward. Despite that, if you get him mad enough, he’ll behave like a true superhero. Watch him battle and be devoured by the Hydra during a match on Metropolis. You’d think that would be the end of the man, but you can’t keep a good hero down…you can’t keep a bad hero down, either.

San Francisco

Mad science only goes so far. When Dr. Nefarious activates the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, the match is close to ending. When the match ends, Dr. Nefarious falls victim to his own evil plans and succumbs to the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler.

Time Station

They call them mad scientists because they’re totally crazy. While most people would cower in fear at the sight of a monster like Satan, Specter merely stands by Satan’s side and laughs maniacally every time the giant beast attacks the All-Stars.