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PlayStation 5 UI New Features Detailed in State of Play

by Jesse Vitelli

Sony has finally revealed the long-awaited PlayStation 5 user interface. In a roughly eleven-minute video, we get a breakdown of what to expect when we turn our PlayStation 5’s on for the first time.

PlayStation 5 UI New Features Detailed in State of Play

The new interface is wildly different from what PlayStation 4 owners are accustom to. While it’s more visually striking than the simplicity of the PS4 menu system, it seems to have a little too much going on.

Using a card system they call “activities,” players can look at a curated gaming news feed, hop into a multiplayer session with friends, share a screenshot, or hop into specific points in the game they are playing. 

This is all done from a menu Sony is calling the “Command Center.” They really just took a page out of Apple’s book on that one. Finally, Sony showed the home screen from the PlayStation 5, which looks somewhat similar to the PS4 screen, with a few key differences.

First, the store is no longer a separate application that requires a loading screen when clicking on it. It seems that purchasing and browsing games will be much quicker, thanks to the new hardware.

Games now display fullscreen images when hovering over them. This is a new visual display but doesn’t really do much if your goal is to hop in immediately.

Of course, you can still share screenshots and videos with the push of the create button on the DualSense controller. If you share that photo with your friends on the PlayStation network, it includes a built-in spoiler warning if it thinks your friend hasn’t seen that part of the game. That’s actually a pretty neat feature.  

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You can watch the video breakdown below, which includes plenty of new information.

There’s plenty of other stuff in the video to check out, but overall the PlayStation 5 UI seems a little overdesigned. 

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