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PlayStation 5 Reveal Rumored During Sony CES 2020 Presentation

by Liana Ruppert

CES 2020 is in full swing today and with our first big full reveal for the Xbox Series X during last year’s Game Awards, many are wondering just when we’ll see what Sony has been hard at work on. If rumors are correct, we could finally be seeing the design for ourselves today during the Sony CES 2020 presentation. 

The Sony CES 2020 presentation goes live at 5 PM PST today, January 6th. The company teased that they have quite a few reveals on the way, though nothing specific has been revealed about what’s to come at this time. New first-look trailers, new peripherals, new next-gen system, perhaps? 

With emblazoned phrases like “the future is coming,” many in the gaming community are predicting that this is all a teaser for an official PlayStation 5 reveal. With CES being so tech-specific, and less a focus on games, it would make sense that they would make their debut here following Microsoft’s surprise drop last month. 

If the PlayStation 5 reveal doesn’t happen during the Sony CES 2020 presentation, what then? Well, Sony has already confirmed that they will  be hosting their own PlayStation event next month, so it’s possible – and almost more likely – that the big reveal will happen then rather than forgoing their own festivities. That being said, Microsoft ditched their own big Xbox-centered event last year in favor of the Game Awards, so really anything is possible at this point. 

What do you think will be shared during the Sony CES 2020 presentation? Hoping to see a PlayStation 5 reveal? Sound off with your predictions over on Twitter @PrimaGames! You can also check out our PlayStation 5 hub to learn more about what’s to come. 

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