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PlayStation 5 Price Will Be Cheaper Than Expected, According to Analyst

by Liana Ruppert

Sony revealed our impressive first look at what the PlayStation 5 could offer when it finally brings in the next generation earler this month. With SSD support, backwards compatability, and so much more – the specs looked impressive, though definitely seemed like they were going to cost a pretty penny. The common rumor floating around is that the set price point would be for $600, though one analyst is calling shenanigans. 

Pelham Smithers and his market research firm told Wired that he believes that the next generation of PlayStation could retail as low as $400 when it finally finally gets revealed. The reason behind this is that PS5 architect Mark Cerny announced that the next-gen console will likely use the AMD Ryzen 3600G CPU, which is expected to retail between 180-220 dollars by the end of the year. With the price decrease, it would make sense that the retail value of the PlayStation 5 will also decrease since it is expected to be officially revealed until 2020. 

That being said, don’t start getting that money ready just yet. For all of Smithers’ predictions, most analysts disagree with his estimate, though the common consensus seems to rest on $499, a middle ground between his 400 and the popular 600 tag. 

Unfortunately with Sony opting out of E3 this year, we know we won’t be getting any official update then, though the company did mention that they have something “special” to host on their own dime outside of the Los Angeles expo.

Only time will tell what exactly we’ll be seeing with the next generation, though the continued talks of what could be on the horizon is admittedly exciting for those anxious to see how gaming – in particular console gaming – could be made even better as technology continues to progress. 

Liana Ruppert

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