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PlayStation 4 Cross-Play Is Now A Full Feature Available for Devs

by Liana Ruppert

Cross-play has been a hot topic in the gaming community and now PlayStation 4 devs have it at their disposal as a full feature. This particular functionality has been in beta for some time now but now the time for testing is done and it is yet another tool devs have in their kit when creating amazing experiences on the Sony console

The news comes way of Wired, which is strange. This is a very hot piece of news that fans have been begging for, so the fact that Sony themselves has yet to make an official announcement is strange. Instead of full-on promoting a feature that would greatly be lauded as a huge success, Wired was the one to break the news. 

Some games on the Sony platform have already implemented this feature, most famously being Fortnite and Rocket League. The former took some pushing but when it finally was announced, the game definitely changed for those firmly in the Sony camp. 

Sony Interactive CEO Jim Wire told Wired that it’s important that the team focuses on making sure this feature makes sense and can thrive into the next generation, saying “The track record of the incumbent platform winning the next time around is not a great one. So the major thurst of my executive energy is to avoid complacency.”

It will be interesting to see how the next generation shapes up with all major players in the platform game completely turning their philosophies on their heads. What do you hope to see from the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox? Do you think cross-play will hurt or help these major companies and their standings within that gaming community? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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