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PlayStation 4 CBOMB Issue Fixed in 9.0 Firmware

by Lucas White

Earlier this year, controversy struck in the PlayStation community when a critical software flaw was discovered. Intended as a security measure against things like manipulating the trophy system, the PS4’s DRM requires a check on its internal clock powered by a CMOS battery.

And when that battery dies or is removed? The DRM pops off and prevents users from playing their digital and physical games. The issue was dubbed the “CBOMB,” as all PS4s were considered ticking time bombs set to be unusable once the PS4’s PSN access eventually sunsets.

PlayStation 4 CBOMB Issue Fixed in 9.0 Firmware

Several months later, Sony has launched a firmware update that appears to solve that issue. Discovered by various folks on Twitter and verified by popular developer/YouTuber MVG, the new 9.0.0 PS4 firmware has fixed the problem.

You can see MVG put the update to the test in this video:

As you can see, even with the CMOS battery completely removed, MVG was able to pop a game disc in and still play it. Trophy data seems to be affected if this happens, but you’ll be able to earn new ones (albeit without timestamps).

This is a big win for retro gaming enthusiasts especially, as it ensures PS4 hardware will be functional on a software level in years to come. While the PS4’s PSN access is miles away from sunsetting, we know it will eventually happen.

That’s because Sony came very close to doing this for the PS3, until community outcry caused the company to delay the move. It’s likely the CMOS issue affects the PS3 as well, and that firmware support ended years ago.

After the PSN is cut off, the only way folks will be able to play games would be to replace the CMOS battery, which requires more technical knowledge than most people have.

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For now, at least the most egregious aspect of the CBOMB controversy has been addressed, and PS4 owners who were concerned can breathe a little easier now. What do our readers think of this issue?

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