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Play by Your Schedule

by Prima Games Staff

Life happens and sadly, not everyone will have the opportunity to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf morning, noon, and night. But worry not! No matter what time of day you’re able to stop by your town, there’s a Town Ordinance that will help you make the most of your gameplay. Just remember Town Ordinances cost 20,000 Bells each, and you can only instate one at a time.

The Early Bird 

If you get up at the crack of dawn either for work, school, or because you don’t like sleeping, you’ll want to invest in the Early Bird Ordinance. This makes your town more active earlier in the day by having villagers change their schedule. This includes villagers waking up and stores opening three hours earlier than they usually do. What better way could you image to start your day?

The Quickie

Is your schedule so busy that you can only sneak in a few moments of Animal Crossing delight during breaks? Then, Beautiful Town is your perfect Town Ordinance. It keeps your town gorgeous and clean as villagers water plants and are more likely to plant flowers. In addition to diligent neighbors focused on keeping everything tidy, cockroaches don’t appear and weeds are more rare. Less maintenance means you can spend your valuable time on socializing and designing instead of gardening.

The Late Crowd

Like to unwind with a night of Animal Crossing after a long day, but find your favorite villagers and shops are already closed? This is no longer a problem if you have the Night Owl Ordinance. With the this instated, villagers and shops adjust their schedules to fit the town, meaning both bed and closing time have a three hour extension. Earn your town a reputation as one of the most happening spots for exciting nightlife!

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