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Play PUBG’s War Event Mode This Weekend

by Larryn Bell

PUBG Corp. has released a brand-new game mode for PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds simply named War. Kicking off today, the War Event Mode will be available through the weekend for players to try out. The game mode sees PUBG players team up in groups of 10 for an all-out brawl that plays more like team deathmatch, offering something different for PUBG players outside the standard battle royale formula. The temporary War Event mode is live now in PUBG and will conclude on Sunday, April 15 at 7:00 pm PDT / 10:00 pm EDT. 

The PUBG War Event Mode consists of 30-player matches with players split into three groups of 10. The teams must battle to the death until their team reaches 200 points or until the round reaches its 15-minute time limit. It’s basically team deathmatch, only with the PUBG mechanics and setting.

Unlike regular battle royale matches in PUBG, this new War mode allows players to respawn in another plane after dying, and killer spectating is disabled. All matches take place on Erangel. There is still a safe zone on the map, which is visible from the start of the match, but never closes in or changes location. 

Players are also guaranteed to spawn with a random rifle and pistol, as well as a helmet, vest, and grenade. Additional weapons and loot can still be found in buildings or within supply drops.

If you’re looking to dive into the War Event Mode this weekend, note that you can invite up to nine players from your PUBG Friend List. The mode will be available to all regions in first and third-person perspectives. 

The War Event Mode is live now on the PC version of PUBG. Perhaps if the mode is popular enough, it will open up to players on PUBG Mobile as well. To improve your skills at PUBG ahead of the War Event this weekend, head over to our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game hub.

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