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Platinum Games Announces Astral Chain Switch Exclusive

by Prima Games Staff

Platinum Games revealed a new action title called Astral Chain during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct.

The reveal trailer showed the player as part of a futuristic police force called Neuron in which officers sync themselves with advanced robots called the Legion that fight alongside them. Unlike regular police, these are tasked with battling against monstrous creatures summoned from another dimension.

You Legion is more than just a robot companion. Linked to the player via a glowing chain, these machines look like they’ll not only team up with you in battle, but also transform into different forms in and outside of combat to assist investigations. We get to see a humanoid and large dog/cat variant in the trailer, with the latter able to be ridden and petted to improve its mood.

The new game was announced with a number of big names from the studio who are involved in its development. Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya and NieR: Automata designer Takahisa Taura are both working on Astral Chain, along with Manga artist Masakazu. The anime influence is clear in the game’s aesthetic, most notably in the male protagonist’s flowing blue hair.

Speaking of protagonists, Astral Chain will offer the chance to choose between a male and female lead, with the other taking the roll of your twin in the story. The plot looks to involve more than just fighting — we get a glimpse of some holographic detective work as the protagonist views the collapse of a structure.

This is still firmly a Platinum Games title though, and that means you can expect excellent, fast-paced action and plenty of thrilling boss fights. Fighting in combination with your Legion gives the chance for plenty of fancy attack combos, including a large energy bow shot we see unleashed in the trailer.

You’ll be able to send instructions to your Legion mid-fight, teaming up on the same foe or splitting apart to tackle multiple enemies at the same time. For more information about Astral Chain, take a look at the announcement blog post by Platinum Games.

Astral Chain is currently set to release exclusively on Nintendo Switch, August 30.

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