When you think of being a professional Call of Duty player, you likely imagine seeing players playing on stage in front of thousands of people for lucrative prize pools. However, a recent job listing from one particular Pizza Hut store looks to show that the restaurant is ready to make the position of professional Call of Duty player a part of its daily operations. 

According to a report by Dexerto, a Pizza Hut in Basildon, England posted a job listing for a Call of Duty player on Linkedin. This job listing explains the responsibilities of this unusual position would consist of taking on clients and helping them to level up, unlock certain in-game ranks or items, or improving their kill to death ratio.

You can find the official description of the Pizza Hut Call of Duty player job listing in its entirety below:

Now, it could be this job listing by this Pizza Hut store for a professional Call of Duty player was not intended to see the light of day. However, perhaps this particular store is ready to revolutionize the Pizza Hut experience and have a professional Call of Duty player prepared to help raise your stats.

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