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PixARK Tames an Early Access Release Date

by Larryn Bell

PixARK, the Minecraft-like spinoff of ARK: Survival Evolved, will officially enter Early Access later this month. Developed by Snail Games, PixARK is a voxel-based sandbox survival game set in the ARK universe. PixARK will be available on Steam Early Access as well as Xbox Games Preview on Tuesday, March 27.

PixARK combines the gameplay of ARK: Survival Evolved with the blocky aesthetic of Minecraft to create a new sandbox experience for ARK fans looking for a new take on the primeval survival adventure.

Like ARK: Survival Evolved, PixARK drops players into a mysterious, dinosaur-riddled world where they must hunt creatures, harvest crops, and construct shelter to survive the hostile landscape. Each world is procedurally generated in PixARK, which means no two worlds are ever exactly alike.

PixARK early access launch

PixARK will support both local and online cooperative play for those who wish to explore the dangerous world with a friend. There will be a single player mode as well for players who prefer a solo adventure.

Part of the appeal of ARK: Survival Evolved is the ability to tame dinosaurs, which players can look forward to in PixARK as well. There are nearly 100 different dinosaurs and creatures to tame and ride in PixARK, along with over eight unique biomes to explore. For a closer look at what’s in store, check out the official PixARK gameplay trailer below.

PixARK will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2018. Players can get their hands on PixARK in just a few weeks on March 27, when the game launches in Early Access on Steam and Xbox One.

You can learn more about the game that inspired PixARK by heading over to our ARK: Survival Evolved game hub.

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