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Pixar-Inspired Shooter ‘Sleep Tight’ Gets a Release Date

by Larryn Bell

An official release date has just been announced for Sleep Tight, the upcoming twin-stick shooter from developer We Are Fuzzy. Sleep Tight is scheduled to emerge from the shadows next month on July 26, 2018 for Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Set in a cartoony Pixar-inspired world, Sleep Tight is a top-down, twin-stick shooter where monsters really do live under your bed and go bump in the night. In Sleep Tight, you play as a child who is determined to defend their bedroom from the creatures of the night. 

During the day, you must utilize the game’s unique building mechanic to construct pillow forts and defenses around your bedroom to prepare for the monstrous onslaught that comes when the lights go out. You’ll use dart guns, water balloons, and other toy weapons to fend off creatures and survive through the night. 

Sleep Tight features 12 unlockable characters, each with their own special bonuses and abilities. Some heroes come with discounts on skills, while others start with special weapons already unlocked. Players can adjust the difficulty of the game based on the type of character they choose to play, as some heroes are more advanced than others. 

Sleep Tight will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) on July 26. To get a glimpse of the pillow-fort action, check out the Sleep Tight release date trailer above.  

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