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Pit amiibo Spotted in New Jersey at f.y.e.

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo fans have spent the last few days speculating over the arrival of Wave 2b of the company’s amiibo toy line, which consists of Pit, Captain Falcon and Luigi. Mario’s green-clad bro appeared in stores earlier this week, but the other two are in limbo. Some people thought Toys R Us would stock them the morning of the 18th to coincide with its two amiibo for $22 deal, but that turned out to be false hope. 

Little by little, some lucky collectors managed to find Pit on the west coast at Fred Meyer stores in Washington and Oregon. 

Well, we can confirm that Pit is available through f.y.e. in New Jersey; actual stores… you have to go there. In fact, we stumbled upon one figure (as well as Diddy Kong) at a North Jersey location. Yes, we bought him after rubbing our eyes to make sure what we were seeing was real. 

Sadly there was no sign of Captain Falcon, but the store encouraged us to call after 10AM, which is usually when their shipments come in. That’s the best advice we can pass on to you. Call a bunch of stores in advance and ask them to hold the figure. They should, so long as you go there same day to make the purchase.

Impressions of Pit? Quite frankly he’s one of the best looking amiibo we’ve seen, easily in the top three. Excellent detail on his outfit, weapon and face.  We love it! 

Yes, we plan to keep him sealed. No, we will not sell him on eBay. Good luck, and remember that we’re out there at 7AM at Toys R Us stores right along with you. We feel your pain!

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