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Pikmin-Themed Nintendo Direct Premiering Tomorrow

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo is ready to march out the Pikmin.

With Pikmin 3 set for release this summer, Nintendo is pushing the long-awaited sequel the best way it can – through the Internet.  The company has confirmed that it will broadcast a Nintendo Direct centered on the game, which will air at 7:00 AM EDT on the company’s Japanese website.  There’s no word on the U.K. or U.S. broadcasts, but they’re likely to show up this week.

The special will feature comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto and Pikmin creator Shigeru Miyamoto as they play and discuss the forthcoming sequel.  It should be available for viewing after it broadcasts, in case you don’t want to get up early to watch.

Pikmin 3 will arrive for Wii U August 4th.

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