Pikmin 3: GamePad vs. Wii Remote

Two excellent control schemes, one outstanding game.

Pikmin 3 is available for Wii U and we have one important question: do you play with the GamePad or Wii Remote/Nunchuk?

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The GamePad seems like the obvious choice; it is the Wii U, after all. Conversely, perhaps you’re so used to the previous system’s controllers that the mere thought of using the alternative feels uncomfortable.  

Here’s the good news: both control methods work quite well. It’s simply a matter of which you prefer. That said, here’s a breakdown of each, along with pros and cons, though to be fair, the cons are nitpicky at best.

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Pros: The Wii U’s signature controller is an all-in-one device. Not only do you play the game with it, but you can also take full advantage of the touchscreen to view the map, types of collected fruit and all sorts of game info. In addition, you have the benefit of enjoying Pikmin 3 on the aforementioned screen in case a family member or friend wants to watch something on TV.  

Cons: The biggest issue with the GamePad is battery life. You’ll want to keep it charged when not in use, whereas the Wii Remote and Nunchuk last considerably longer. On top of that, younger players (or people with smaller hands in general) may have slight difficulty manipulating the GamePad, though we don’t see this being much of a problem.

Wii Remote and Nunchuk

Pros: Since we just mentioned battery life, you’ll definitely score additional hours using the Wii controllers. We feel the GamePad is comfortable, but the Wii Remote and Nunchuk let you spread out a bit more, especially if you happen to own a third party wireless Nunchuk. You can even use the Wii U GamePad screen to view the current map. There’s also multiplayer to consider. You can’t play using two GamePads.

Perhaps the coolest feature is the option to play Pikmin 3 on the GamePad screen using the Remote and Nunchuk. You lose the HD quality a TV provides, but the option exists if you want it.

Cons: The GamePad has the coolness factor since it’s newer tech. We also think it offers a more interactive experience since everything’s in your lap. Aside from that, there’s very little (if anything) to gripe about.

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