Full disclosure, I came to E3 waiting for Nintendo to sell me on the Wii U. Mind you, I wasn't against the tiny, screen-pad sporting console, but I hadn't plunked down my cash for a reservation yet either. Well, fast forward to today's Nintendo All-Access Press event and I'm now looking for the nearest game store on the way out.

Here's why...

Pikmin 3

Finally! As a long-time fan of the series, I can honestly say that this one title pretty much put me over the top. I work at Prima Games, so it's safe to say I look for games that challenge my skills as a tactician, and Pikmin always has. However, its been a long time since my last fresh Pikmin experience, so Pikmin 3 should be a ver welcome addition at the Bueno household.

The introduction of the new Rock Pikmin was a welcome one. I would've liked to see more innovations, but the precision controls and four new leaders should make for more tactical, strategic gameplay. Gone are the days of multi-tasking with one lonely Olimar (where did he go, by the way? His absence from the Pikmin 3 reveal is a "secret.") and now it looks like we'll be able to navigate the Pikmin universe with several new faces... hopefully some Miis?

Add to that the addition of a "deeper" Challenge Mode, and I'm as good as sold.

Pikmin 3 will most likely be a launch title when the Wii U launches this holiday season.