Picross S Genesis & Master System edition Demo Out, Release in August

No seriously is that a typo or did y'all do that on purpose

Jupiter, the developer of the increasingly popular Picross S series for the Nintendo Switch, confirmed a North American release date for its upcoming Sega crossover game. Picross S Genesis & Master System edition, with its mysteriously uncapitalized “e,” will launch on the Nintendo eShop on August 5, 2021. A demo has been released today as well!

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This Sega-flavored edition of Picross S is full of Sega history, featuring over 30 different Sega games from its 8 and 16-bit platforms. A newly-released trailer confirms exactly 59 games, from the obvious Sonic the Hedgehog series to the Japan-only Bahamut Senki, localized as Record of the Bahamut War. Check the trailer here:

If you’re down with Sega and Picross, there’s no reason not to check this thing out. It launches on August 5 for a whopping $9.99, and if that isn’t good enough for you there’s a demo you can try right now. Picross is way too mathy for me usually, but I might give it a shot if only for the sweet tones of old school Sega BGM tunes.

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