Persona 5 perfumes inspired by the characters we love the most have been officially revealed thanks to the team over at Primaniacs and each scent represents four unique faces that Persona fans are familiar with! The Persona 5 perfumes revealed will begin selling in Japan on July 17th and will especially feature the fiercely adorable Nanako! 

Persona Perfumes Available for Pre-Order

The first of four new perfumes announced is a "sparkling" scent meant to capture the gentle nature of the main character while adding a playful fruity undercurrent and a strong amber musk finish to represent her strength seen throughout the game. According to this perfume's official description, the main notes are cassis, peach, green apple, and raspberry with an undercurrent of rose, muguet, jasmine, apricot, cedarwood, heliotrope, amber, and musk. 


The Violet perfume is meant to be cheerful and exciting in an effort to capture this character's "bright smile that is both gorgeous and elegant." According to this perfume's description, the main notes are lemon, bergamot, and cherry blossom with undercurrents of rose, peony, gardenia, peach, cedarwood, musk, watery note, and ozone. 

The Ryotaro scent is definitely more masculine-based in terms of what the composition has to offer. According to the company, this fragrance is meant to give off the nostalgia of smoking a cigarette with a spicy finish; a "scent for a man who carries many thoughts and continues with his beliefs." 

This fragrance offers a geranium, petitgrain, black pepper, and clove combination as the main feature with an undercurrent of jasmine, muguet, cyclamen, patchouli, vetiver, benzoin, and musk. 

And last - but certainly not least - we have the Nanako perfume! She's tender, she's sweet, and she makes the world a little brighter, which is why the peach, orange, apricot, and pear main notes are the primary focus. There is a youthful undercurrent as well with lavender notes as well as neroli, apple, muguet, amber, and musk. 

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Interested in learning more about the Persona perfumes and make a purchase for yourself? Check out the main site here with translations available! For those unfamiliar with this shop, you may remember their iconic Sailor Moon perfumes as well as their Kuroko no Basuke take as well for those that have a soft spot for sports anime.