The role-playing game genre continues to thrive on the PlayStation Vita.  First we got a taste of NIS’ excellence with the recent release of Disgaea 3 and now Atlus is getting a turn as the team has announced that it is bringing Persona 4 Golden to the PlayStation Vita later this fall.

The game will be a remastered version of the award-winning RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 with hours worth of enthralling storytelling, immensely satisfying combat, intricate party management and addicting demon collection and customization.  Everything a player needs to get caught up in a huge adventure!

The game will feature redone visuals that are made distinctly for the PS Vita’s 5” OLED screen, along with additional voiced dialogue and a new online dungeon rescue feature, one where users can all on others for assistance if they’re about to perish.  New Personas will also be available to collect, in addition to new story events.

Persona 4: Golden definitely looks like it shouldn’t be missed.  We’ll have a more in-depth preview for you soon.