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People still playing Halo 2 somehow

by Prima Games Staff

Some mad but brilliant people have managed to keep the Halo 2 dream alive for more than 10 days, despite Microsoft officially ending support for Xbox 1 titles on 15th April.

As detailed on the Bungie forum, a die-hard group of around 20 people simply didn’t turn their Xboxes off at zero hour and have been able to continue killing one another while sobbing uncontrollably ever since.

Unfortunately they have started dropping out now due to overheating and net connection problems, but those who remain have vowed not to stop until Microsoft boots them or they die or whatever.

Heroes of men. If they do drop out, of course, they could always read Better Than Halo: The Making of Halo 2, our massive retrospective on the game that arguably made Xbox Live, which is full of details on the game’s development direct from the men who worked on it.