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PC RAGE includes level editor

by Prima Games Staff

The PC version of forthcoming id Software FPS RAGE ships with a full level editor, the game’s creative director Tim Willits has revealed.

Willits told PC Gamer that it will offer the very same kit that the development team used to build the game. “Pull down the console, type ‘id studio’, then press enter. Then, bam, there’s all the tools we use.”

Mastering it might take some time, however. Willits noted that the set-up is rather more sophisticated than in id shooters of old, such as Doom.

“Building levels from scratch is more difficult, because we have a layer system in some of the levels. I can foresee somebody modding up Wellspring [a town in-game] and adding different characters, giving them different voice-over.”

Last month, Eurogamer’s Tom Bramwell braved a hands-on session with the OTT FPS, which is due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in September.

“RAGE is shaping up to be an interesting departure, and the balance the developers appear to have struck defies obvious comparisons,” he wrote. “You certainly can’t fault it for depth and variety.”


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