Payday 3’s Rocky Launch Blamed on ‘Unforeseen Error’ According to Starbreeze

A third-party was allegedly behind Payday 3's unstable launch.

Payday 3

To say that Payday 3 has had a rocky launch would be an understatement. The game’s been scrutinized for having some serious performance issues when it comes to its server and online stability. Many players reportedly weren’t able to play the game due to server issues, and the issue only became worse as the game became available through Xbox Game Pass.

In an update on the official Starbreeze website, the team acknowledges the launch issues. The team cites its “third-party matchmaking partner who was incapable of handling the high influx of players, causing “an unrecoverable situation for Starbreeze’s third-party matchmaking partner.”

According to Starbreeze, a new version of the matchmaking software was gradually deployed across every region, which led to better performance. However, things went awry during a software update made on late Sunday, which introduced instability to the matchmaking infrastructure.

The CEO of Starbreeze Tobias Sjorgren issued an apology for the launch on X (Formerly Known as Twitter.)

In the end, Starbreeze will end up looking for a new partner to make Payday 3 “less reliant” on online services. Additionally, the CEO of the company stated that they have “a lot of diligent and consistent work ahead of us to regain community trust.” Currently, the developer is looking to improve the player experience in the short term and then make Payday 3 less reliant on online services in the long term.

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