Payday 3 Congratulates Players for Breaking Servers During Beta Test

Starbreeze makes a cheeky comment on Payday 3's Beta issues.

Payday 3 Bulldozer
Image via Starbreeze.

The Beta test for Payday 3 is now over, and players got the chance to test out the upcoming game’s heists. Unfortunately, not everything went as well as anticipated, as several players reported facing several issues while trying to log in through their Starbreeze Nebula accounts. While this was valuable for the developers to prevent the issue from happening in the future, it also served as a golden opportunity to have some cheeky fun with the circumstances.

In a Tweet posted on September 11, Starbreeze cheekily congratulated the eager Payday 3 player base for “breaking their stuff,” expressing pride on the achievement that a combined 500,000+ new Nebula account holders have accomplished together. The developer also invited users to leave any additional feedback on the beta through a provided survey.

Image via Starbreeze Entertainment

As mentioned earlier, the issues caused during the Beta prevented users from entering Payday 3. However, it seems like Starbreeze Entertainment has used the opportunity to gather feedback and improve the game based on the issues caused by the server overload. Now, it’s all a matter of keeping the servers stable once the full game is released.

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