Square Enix had a strong presence at this year’s PAX East, with several big games at their booth and a few others, like Hitman: Absolution, waiting in the wings.  But the company is also putting a strong focus on the Nintendo 3DS, as it showed us a couple of upcoming games for the handheld.

The first is the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3DS: Dream Drop Distance, a continuation of the long-running Square/Disney role-playing line.  Featuring a plethora of new Disney worlds and characters (including the Grid from Tron Legacy among other locations), the game will feature the same great combat that made the previous games such a hit.  That means free-flowing battles that really bring out the best in each character, including Goofy and Donald Duck, among others.

As for the second game, it’s really unlike any Square Enix title out there.  Theatrhythm Final Fantasy takes songs from the previously released games and formats them into an innovative music/rhythm game, where you battle enemies, travel and build up RPG stats by tapping along with the rhythm of each song.  You’ll drag your stylus, tap and hold firmly on the touch screen as the beat goes on, and the more you hit, the better your final grade will be.

Look for both games on the 3DS this July.