With a huge emphasis on games, we expected plenty of announcements this week at PAX East up here in Boston.  But to our surprise, a lot of them seem to be focused on the mobile front.  Three studios provided news for upcoming releases that will change the way you play on mobile devices once the games arrive.

First up, Hello Games is bringing its hit PlayStation Network/Xbox Live game Joe Danger to iOS and Android platforms.  The stunt-based driving adventure hasn’t had all its features listed yet, but when we checked the game out on the floor, we were quite pleased with what we saw.  Hopefully the team will have a release date sometime later in the year, possibly around the same time as Joe Danger: The Movie, which is slated to hit sometime in 2012.

Not to be outdone, Twisted Pixel also threw its hat into the mobile ring, with Ms. Splosion Man announced for release on Windows Phone, as well as iPhone and iPad.  This tricky yet entertaining platformer will feature all the fun of the original Xbox Live game, and some possible bonus content as well.  And, of course, you can expect the lovely pink heroine to be as gabby as ever, with all her rapid one-liners.  (The game is headed to PC and Steam as well.)

Finally, Rockstar Games, who recently released Grand Theft Auto III to a much appreciative mobile crowd, is following later this month with the release of the original Max Payne.  Set to hit the App Store on April 12 and the Android store two weeks later, the game is expected to feature all the action of the original Xbox/PC hit, complete with bullet time and plenty of bloody action to go around.

On top of the previously announced Super Meat Boy and Sonic 4 Episode 2 ports, it’s looking like mobile devices are getting plenty of arcade action this summer.