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Paradox Interactive And Microsoft Launch Cross Platform Modding System

by Prima Games Staff

Game publisher Paradox Interactive announced that has partnered with Microsoft to launch an independent game modding platform called Paradox Mods. The open platform allows user-created mods to be distributed across multiple platforms.

PC players using the Paradox Launcher or GOG can now share their creations with each other and Xbox One users through a single upload. The publisher is kicking the platform off with over 30 mods for its off world strategy game Surviving Mars. The mod library includes projects from well-known creators in the game’s community.

To access Paradox Mods, users need to log onto their Paradox Account from the Surviving Mars title screen. From there, they can use the “Mod Manager” to browse the catalogue and select the ones that they want installed.

More titles will be updated to support Paradox Mods in the coming year, with the next most likely game being Cities: Skylines. Paradox also added keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One version of Surviving Mars, which might make things easier for modders with specific control schemes in mind.

In a statement, Product Owner for Paradox Mods Anders Törlind said, “Modding has been, and remains an important part of the Paradox community. As we have diversified the way we distribute our games, we want to make sure all our players can take part in the creation process.”

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