In a strange turn of events, Nintendo has announced a brand-new game coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Pac-Man 99 is a, yes, you guessed it, Battle Royale.

Taking a page out of Tetris 99’s book, Pac-Man 99 has players playing matches of Pac-Man against 99 other players in the ultimate fight to the death.

Pac-Man 99 Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Service Today

In Tetris 99 you clear lines to send trash to the other players in the match. This system is found in Pac-Man 99 by picking up power pellets to eat ghosts. Eating these blue and vulnerable ghosts will send Jammer Pac-Man to your opponents.

Jammer Pac-Man slow down your opponents leaving them vulnerable to being attacked by ghosts. You can even eat sleeping ghosts to create a Ghost Train. This seems to be the bread and butter of eliminating folks in Pac-Man 99.

It’ll take some getting used to for these mechanics to sink in, but in no time you’ll be the Pac-Man 99 champion. There is plenty of strategies found in Pac-Man 99 according to the trailer, which can be seen below.

Will you go for knockouts? Or maybe you prefer to just stay under the radar while the other players try to kill each other. Either way, it’s going to be chaos. 

Pac-Man 99 is available for download starting today, April 7, 2021. 

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