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Overwatch Winter Event Is Now Live, Introduces New Snowball Mode

by Liana Ruppert

It’s another year, which means another Overwatch Winter event. While last year didn’t have much to offer in the way of new game experiences, the team over at Blizzard heard the call for more than just Mei vs. the Yeti and has given players a new game mode to enjoy: Snowball Deathmatch.

The Snowball Deathmatch is entirely new to the game and will pitch 8 players against each other in a total free-for-all. The catch? Everybody has to play ice satan … er, I mean Mei. Her weaponry is modified and the snowballs are about to get lethal. 

As for what else the Overwatch Winter event has to offer: 


  • This year’s Winter Wonderland event ushers in a new mini game mode, called “Snowball Deathmatch.”
  • This is an 8-player free-for-all deathmatch where everyone will play as Mei with a modified Mei snowball gun, similar to the one from Mei’s Snowball Offensive.
  • Mei will get a new ability in this game mode, called “Catch” – allowing you to catch an enemy snowball and, if successful, adding it to your ammo count.
  • The first player to get to 15 eliminations wins!

  • Weekly Challenges are back for Winter Wonderland, allowing you to unlock limited-time rewards by winning nine games.
  • Rewards include an array of player icons, sprays, and Epic skins!
    • Week 1: Ugly Sweater Soldier:76 (Epic)
    • Week 2: Holly Moira (Epic)
    • Week 3: Snow Angel Mercy (Epic)


  • 4 Legendary Skins
    • Jotunn Doomfist
    • Mountain Man McCree
    • Rat King Reaper
    • Rime Sigma
  • 3 Epic Skins
  • Player Icons, Sprays

The Overwatch Winter event is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Happy gaming! 

Liana Ruppert

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