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Overwatch Teases New Hero UPDATE

by Liana Ruppert

Update: Echo has been confirmed, her reveal video can be seen below!

The team behind Overwatch dropped a special teaser yesterday hinting at a new hero reveal on the horizon and just like when any new cryptic message appears, Blizzard fans dive right in to make sense of it. Following numerous fan theories, Overwatch then added more lore to learn more about Dr. Mina Liao

Fan reactions were pretty amped up and ready for a fresh new face: 

In the original video, a woman’s voice can be heard ordering those around her to “stay down” in a very tense combat situation. Following the glass shattering, the feed cuts, leaving only a still of a scientist behind. According to the lore, Dr. Mina Liao was heading the Athena Project, a project that focused on AI tech in a more ethical way than those seen in Talon. Given that we’ve met Echo already in Ashe’s reveal trailer as a capable AI, it’s more than likely that she is the latest hero to be joining the roster.

Who do you think the new Overwatch hero is being teased? Seems like an Echo shoo-in, but let us know if we’re wrong by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames!