Tuesday, September 17th saw the official Overwatch Twitter account reveal a new Lego Brick Bastion skin as the highlight of the new Bastion's Brick Challenge event. 

Bastion's Brick Challenge will be available for Overwatch players to participate in through September 30th. Players can earn the excellent Lego Brick Bastion skin and a variety of other cosmetic items by winning a specific amount of Overwatch matches during the schedule of the event.

Three wins will reward players with two-player icons. Lego-themed Mercy and Pharah sprays will be given to players who secure six wins. Nine wins will add the Lego Brick Bastion skin to the player's cosmetic item inventory. 

You can find all of the win rewards for the newly announced event below:

Players can also earn cosmetic rewards by watching participating Twitch streamers throughout Bastion's Brick Challenge. You can find these Twitch drop rewards for the new Overwatch event below:

There will no doubt be plenty of Overwatch players grinding away to earn the Lego Brick Bastion skin and all of the other Lego-themed cosmetic rewards available in Bastion's Brick Challenge. Will you be playing and watching to collect these newly revealed items? Let us know your plans over on Twitter and Facebook!