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Overwatch Confirms Mauga Will Be A Playable Hero In The Near Future

by Liana Ruppert

Now that the barefooted Sigma is now playable in Overwatch’s PTR, players are wondering who is next to be added to the heroic roster. With a confirmed four new characters still on the way, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that Mauga, a character first seen in Baptiste’s reveal, is also going to becoming playable soon. 

According to Kaplan, Mauga was originally supposed to have Sigma’s gravity-defying abilities but the further along in development they got, those skills no longer fit well with the character and his own backstory. Because Overwatch usually rotates their characters between Tank, Damage, and Support, it will be interesting to see if Mauga releases as a tank hero like originally planned, or if they will move him into a more Damage role instead. 

Though this year’s BlizzCon is confirmed to be more Diablo-focused, it’s possible we will be learning more about the new heroes arrive to Overwatch soon. Or who knows, maybe even confirmation on the long-rumored Overwatch 2? 

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Liana Ruppert

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