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Oversee Your Own Space Settlement In The Frontiers Update For No Man’s Sky, Out Today

by Jesse Vitelli

Another impressive update for No Man’s Sky has been released today. After its release back in 2016, the team at Hello Games continued to add features like base-building, monster riding, mechs, and even more. This new update, which the team is calling “Frontiers, expands the universe even more.

Oversee Your Own Space Settlement In The Frontiers Update For No Man’s Sky, Out Today

The trailer for the “Frontiers” expansion showcases a ton of new features. Most notably, the ability to develop and run your own settlements. With this update, you can become the overseer of your very own settlement, you’ll get to name the town, choose what to build, resolve arguments, and even defend the town against invaders. 

Settlements will start out small, but with your help, they will grow and prosper. There’s a whole new array of building parts for bases with this update, allowing you to truly make the settlement your own with hundreds of new construction pieces. 

Of course, building interiors are just as important to make your town feel like a real lived-in place. Every building will be uniquely and appropriately furnished. Some will be factories, habitations, farmhouses, and even cafes.

Building structures aren’t the only part of running a settlement in No Man’s Sky though, you’ll have to pay attention to your settler’s wants and thoughts. Settlers will have thought bubbles above their heads to let you in on some of their thoughts and desires. 

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The Frontiers update also brings along a more streamlined building interface, making building easier and quicker. On top of this, there are also advanced building controls that allow the player to freely put objects and removes grid snapping. 

Here is some more information from the No Man’s Sky website on how your choices can affect the settlement.

“Every settlement has a unique set of features, influencing the population, happiness, and productivity of its citizens. Keep these stats balanced to ensure a smoothly functioning society.

Under the governance of a thoughtful and benevolent overseer, a settlement may be able to rid itself of undesirable features such as radioactivity or parasitic eggs, and acquire desirable features such as well-educated citizens, or plentiful nanobots.”

There is so much jam-packed into this new update, which is out today and free to all players!

You can check out the trailer below and for more information be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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