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Over 770,000 Apex Legends Cheaters Have Been Banned

by Liana Ruppert

Developers have been laying down the law in recent years, harder than ever before, when it comes to cheaters invading their online spaces. Respawn is no exception to this with their hit battle royale game Apex Legends. 

In an earlier update from the studio, Respawn mentioned that they were cracking down with anti-cheat measures on PC and now they’ve updated players on the fruits of that labor, and the numbers are staggering. In addition to over 770,000 players banned, here’s what else came from their increased efforts: 

  • The recently added in-game reporting tool has had a big impact on discovering new cheats, including previously undetectable cheats that are now being found automatically via EAC
  • Total bans are now at 770K players
  • We have blocked over 300K account creations
  • We have banned over 4,000 cheat seller accounts (spammers) in the last 20 days
  • Total affected matches on PC impacted by cheaters or spammers has been reduced by over half in the last month due to recent efforts

Though cheating and hacking is unfortunately not new territory for online gaming, it does bring down the experience for those that are actually good at games and don’t have to rely on hacks to seem better than they are.

Man, this tea is good today.

As for the game itself, Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can also check out our Apex Legends Game Hub right here to learn even more about the game, including a few tips and tricks as well. 

Liana Ruppert

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