OUYA Initiates “Free the Games” Program for KickStarter Projects

The company will provide extra funding for upcoming games, but there’s a catch.

The OUYA team is ready to welcome some awesome KickStarter projects to its library. However, there’s a little commitment developers should be aware of.

OUYA has announced a new “Free the Games” project, one that will help would-be titles find a home on the Android-based console.

Here’s how it works. The $1 million fund is dedicated to matching KickStarter projects that raise between $50,000 to $250,000.  This would help out teams looking to make their games a reality.

As we said, though, there’s a slight catch. If OUYA does contribute to the project, the game would have to be exclusive to the console for six months before releasing on other platforms.

The game has to be in a KickStarter program that launches between August 9, 2013 and August 10, 2014, and achieve a minimum goal of $50,000. Seeing how most games get to that level anyway, this shouldn’t be too big a hurdle.

We certainly wish the KickStarter game makers – and OUYA – the best of luck with “Free the Games.” It sounds like it’ll be effective – and maybe even give Shadow of the Eternals the push it needs.

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