The Ouya console isn't too far off from production, as the system is on track to arrive for early KickStarter supporters in March 2013, and not too much longer after for general release.  To get you more excited for it, though, the team recently revealed a new unboxing video, showcasing the developer kit that a select few will be getting early, also due to their taking part in KickStarter.

It's the basic system with no games installed on it and only a few tools included in the box, but the general design in itself is excellent.  It's a clear system, allowing you to see the components that are inside, and it also comes with a pair of clear controllers, so you can see just how it stands out from other system models.

The developer system isn't likely to be sold on the consumer market, so if you missed out on it already, you're probably out of luck unless you stumble across it on eBay or something.

Check out the full unboxing video below and get ready for the Ouya, coming early next year!